Little things, big difference. Sometimes it’s the little things that programs do that make a team feel a bit more like a family. For the Warriors Basketball Club, the award ceremony is one of those little things that make a big difference in our team culture.

After a fun practice, playing more “football” than basketball, to break a full court press, Coach Kenji started off the Warriors Award Ceremony by telling the Warriors about the recognition ceremony’s origins. A couple of years ago, Coach Troy wanted to show appreciation for our athletes’ coachability and camaraderie to their teammates. The coaching staff wanted to do that to help build the culture of the program to emphasize the core basketball philosophy on things that go beyond winning and scoring, albeit the Warriors do plenty of that!

Recognitions included: The Hustle Award, Most Improved, Best Teammate and the Ultimate Warrior.

In typical Warrior fashion, in the 6th/7th Grade ceremony, the teammates cheered on for the all award recipients and ended with the familiar “Warriors” chant.