There were high hopes and high expectations for the 6th Grade Gold Warriors team. It is a team that has already won 2 MVP league championships but this season there were many new faces on the roster. As we know from the Golden State Warriors, different rosters can lead to very different outcomes. But this team isn’t done yet and looking for that elusive three-peat. Does the 6th Grade Gold Warriors Basketball team have what it takes to claim their 3rd t-shirt? 

So far undefeated, this latest match-up pitted them against the East Bay Bulldogs, a competitive team led by their athletic bigs and prolific scorers #0 and #21. The Warriors hope to band together, new player and vet alike, to persevere. The hope is their depth, discipline, and team-orientated brand of basketball will win the day. But anything can happen.

From the get-go, the Warriors were focused on playing their game. The speed at which the game moved was clearly one they thrive in. But to mention the speed in the first half and not mention #45 Dom would be criminal. The lightning-quick young hooper put up 12 points and shot 71% from the field in the first half. Followed by key chemistry duo, #35 Brandon and #25 Daniel. Together the duo hustled, defended, rebounded and kept the ball moving. Finishing the half with a combined 10 points, 7 boards, and 5 dimes.

When the Bulldogs would try to get something going on their side of the ball, the length and key team defense of #22 Paul made sure to be in the way. The big man landed a block and steal as the anchor on that half of the ball. All the while Coach Kenji brought the energy to keep the team rolling into the second half with a comfortable lead.

Going into the final half the 6th Grade Gold Warriors knew what to do to get the job done. Find their shooters and crash the glass. Even if some shots don’t go in, it’s Warrior basketball. Take the shot and learn from it! Did a player like #24 Noah let a miss break his stride? No way! The steady-handed decision-maker played team basketball and walked away with a well-rounded game. The team would nail four 3s in the second half led by teammates #11 Calan and #4 Lucas K who would finish the game with a combined 4/8 behind the arc. The warriors might’ve found their 6th-grade splash brothers.

When the Bulldogs would start to make their runs throughout the game, the Warriors were determined to grab the offensive boards on a miss. Two players stood out to this reporter though, #17 Lucas D. and #27 Zenai, both known for their sharp shooting throughout the season, gobbled up 5 of the team’s 13 total offensive rebounds. Your 6th Grade Gold Warriors went on to defeat the East Bay Bulldogs with the backing of Coach Troy and Coach Mark to finish it out. The legendary Warriors Basketball Club Director, Phil Doherty, was also spotted on the bench. He was clearly pleased with the team oriented basketball he had seeded in the program over 16 years ago and that he witnessed with this Warriors team today.

The team ended with 59 points on 45% shooting, 29 rebounds, 18 assists, and 9 steals. The team’s fundamentals were on point and left the opponent with nowhere to go. Whether it was a Dom steal, a dime from Daniel, or a thrilling Calan buzzer-beater, these young players stuck together to walk away with the win.